The Focus Conservation Fund offers you several ways to help preserve biodiversity.

  1. Most simply, at US$15 per acre, you can create permanent reserves that will be added to the Jaguar Ecological Reserve.  Your company can donate a portion of its profits to this cause, and enjoy the good press that would accompany such an effort.
  2. You can help fun the Corridor Project, and grow rainforests.
  3. You can let others know of these opportunities.  Spreading ideas that are based in fact and will work helps make them a reality.
  4. You can arrange for Douglas Trent to come and speak to your club, organization, or possible funding sources.
  5. You can volunteer to teach English, management skills, and a number of other activities.  Want to camp on a beach in the Amazon, where your presence alone will stop the illegal collection of giant river turtle eggs?  We have many opportunities.